Pittsburgh, PA

Project for Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2012


Base conditions drafted in AutoCAD and rendered in Photoshop.  Diagrams and site sections designed in Illustrator. 


Completed in the Fall of 2012, the study, in conjunction with the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture and the Remaking Cities Institute, seeks to document the base conditions of South Craig Street Business District to serve as a benchmark for future construction, building additions, and improvements to the public realm. Once recognized as the Western border of the Carnegie Mellon University, South Craig Street, between Fifth and Forbes Avenues in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has become a major commercial corridor in North Oakland and home to many of the Carnegie Mellon University’s academic, administrative, research, and business facilities.  In recent years, Carnegie Mellon has acquired new properties in the area as well as completed a comprehensive master plan which includes plans for the area at hand.  It is their hope, that this study, which documents block structure, circulation patterns, building use, property ownership, existing tenants, and building heights, to name a few, along with the the campus mater plan will aid in determining the future of Craig Street, its relationship to the CMU community and the preserving the unique local character of the business district.