Columbus, IN

University of Notre Dame

Individual Studio Project

Fall 2007

Site plan, site section, and technical details drafted in AutoCAD and rendered by hand with watercolor. Elevations, sections, and perspectives hand drafted on three 22x30 inch plates and rendered by hand with watercolors.


Completed in the fall of 2007, this project addressed the redevelopment of an urban block  in Columbus, Indiana, through the design of dual function/shared function facilities.  The objective of the project was to design two buildings, a child day care and a senior activities center, with two clearly separate functions while maintaining a cohesive architecture and urban character appropriate to the area.

Site Development
In developing the site plan, it was important to distinguish the two programs from each other and highlight their relationship by shared public space and visual axes.  The recognition and preservation of the pedestrian walkway connecting Washington Street to Jackson Street as well as the redevelopment of on street parking and sidewalks were major initiatives to ensure the continuation of the surrounding urban context and to promote pedestrian activity.  Design emphasis was placed primarily on the child center, drawing on the ancient atrium house type as inspiration for spacial organization and keeping several objectives in mind-- distinguish administrative and educational functions, provide playground access to each classroom, and incorporate natural lighting techniques.  These governing rules ultimately led to the 6,360 square foot design, with administrative functions at the front of the building and the educational spaces around a central, multi-purpose atrium space.  Interior courtyards serve as light sources for the class rooms and offices and provide outdoor learning spaces for gardening.

Several architectural styles including Greek revival and Italianate which are characterized by large overhanging eaves, low pitched roves, brackets and tower elements, were explored as these are commonly found throughout the Midwestern United States.  Red brick with green wood accents and slate roofs blend harmoniously with the buildings found within the Columbus central business district.