Montgomery, AL

Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood

Spring 2010

  • Client: Trinity Presbyterian School
  • Square Footage: 4,720
  • Project Completed:     2011
  • Construction Cost: $3,430,000


Design Process 
Completed in 2011, the Trinity Presbyterian School library renovation aimed to reimagine the outdated library space.  Originally designed as a shared space between the upper and lower schools, the goal of the project was to separate these two distinct uses, the lower school library would be relocated in a new classroom building, and provide a modern collegiate feel for the upper school as the students prepared to transition to post secondary education.  Existing high ceilings allowed for the design of a mezzanine level which provides additional stack space, seating and study space as well as creates a focal point in the room.  The circulation desk and ceiling treatment were modeled after the early Christian symbol of the “fish,” a symbol that was commonly drawn and completed between two Christians.  Just like Trinity’s mission to train the students in the biblical world and life view, the new space would provide the tools necessary to facilitate the development of the Christian education.  A cyber café was introduced to enhance the diversity of amenities provided in the “Media Center” furthering the draw or attraction of the learning environment.  A computer research room and smartboard is included as a multi-use space as technology was at the forefront of the design and movable furniture allows the research room space to be completely user friendly.  The interior finishes reflect the schools colors, blue and red.

Tasks Completed
As a member of the project design team, contributions included design of the circulation desk, interior facade and detail design, and interior finish selection.